10/22® Barrel Pusher

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Proudly Made In The USA

The AccuTec 10/22® Barrel Pusher is designed to remove the barrel from any factory Ruger 10/22 receiver. It works with all available calibers including 17HMR, 17HM2, 22LR and 22WMR.
CAUTION: Make sure that firearm is unloaded before attempting any modifications!


Rifle will need to be field stripped before the barrel can be removed. Any mounted optics or other sights may be left in place at the user's discretion, as they will not interfere with barrel removal. The exception to this are extended scope bases that cantilever over the barrel and physically attach via screws.
CAUTION:Any screws or other hardware connecting a scope or scope base from an extended mount DIRECTLY TO THE BARREL MUST BE REMOVED PRIOR TO BARREL REMOVAL.


  1. Remove magazine and set aside, pull bolt back and visually inspect chamber for a cartridge. Remove cartridge if one is present.
  2. Loosen screw on barrel band (if present) and slide band off of barrel.
  3. Loosen the take down screw located on bottom of stock, just forward of the magazine well. These are usually captured in the stock and complete removal of the screw from the bottom of the stock is not necessary – just make sure that the screw disconnects from the bottom of the receiver.
  4. Position the safety so that an equal amount is protruding from either side of the trigger guard. Carefully lift the barrel/receiver assembly out of the stock.
  5. Drift out the two receiver cross pins that hold the trigger guard assembly in place and remove the assembly.
  6. In order to remove the bolt, first drift out the bolt stop pin located at the rear of the receiver. Now, place the barrel/receiver assembly upside down. Using your left hand, pull the bolt handle fully to the rear and hold it there. With your right hand, grasp the bolt and remove it by lifting the front of it first, then lifting it out. Remove the bolt handle through the ejection port.
  7. Using a 5/32" Allen wrench, remove the two socket head screws that attach the V-block to the front of the receiver. The V-block clamps the barrel to the receiver via an undercut lug in the bottom of the barrel AND MUST BE REMOVED!

Assembly is the reverse of disassembly.

You are now ready to install the AccuTec 10/22® Barrel Pusher.

WARNING: Do not substitute any foreign object for the Ruger-supplied trigger guard cross pins! Do not use nails, punches, drill bits or other foreign objects in place of the original Ruger supplied pins as this could lead to distortion of the receiver cross pin holes and is not covered under any warranty, expressed or implied.


Please familiarize yourself with the components of the AccuTec 10/22® Barrel Pusher by looking at this photo -

barrel pusher

Adjust your Barrel Pusher like the one shown, where the front edge of the Nylon Pusher is about 3/8ths of an inch behind the end of the Upper Guide Rod.

  1. Position the tool in the receiver by placing the end of the Upper Guide Rod into the magazine
    retention hole located in the forward portion of the receiver.
  2. Take one of the trigger guard cross pins that were removed during disassembly and
    reinstall it in the FORWARD receiver cross pin hole.

    When installed correctly, it will look like this:

    accutec barrel pusher

  3. Now, slide the Pusher Bar forward until the Nylon Pusher contacts the rear of the barrel.
  4. Hand tighten the Pusher Bolt against the pusher bar, making sure that the end of the bolt seats
    inside the hole in the bar. Verify that the cross pin is still centered in the receiver.
    You are now ready to remove the barrel.
  5. Place the barreled receiver on a flat, padded surface. Double check to make sure the v-block has
    been removed as well as any screws that may tie the barrel to a cantilevered scope base.
  6. Using a ½" wrench (or ideally a ratchet with a 3" extension), begin turning the pusher bolt clockwise.
    Continue to turn until the barrel is freed from the receiver.


The AccuTec 10/22® Barrel Pusher comes with a lifetime guaranty against defects in materials and workmanship. Should a tool ever require service, send it postpaid with return address to:

AccuTec LLC
Attn: Service Dept
116 Lake Valley Rd.
Hendersonville, TN 37075

The tool will be repaired or replaced at AccuTec's discretion and promptly returned to sender.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact us.

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